Gu Long, who has been drinking for a lifetime, said: “As long as the tea is hot, it is just like a young woman. It will not be annoying.”

Tea is like a woman, but it is easy to get close but difficult to understand. It is a step further. Those who truly understand white tea will no longer be impressed by the shallow preferences. What they will be obsessed with can only be something that deeply attracts them. At a glance, the bottom is beautiful, and it’s just like a cloud of smoke. When it comes to changing like a white tea, it’s still bottomless. If you like it, it’s hard to put it down.

Just as the white tea is not fried, the natural wilting is simple, and the tea makers are not ill, just a little simple, step by step, until the moment when the white tea is completed, it is let go. , leaving more changes to the time, it is tied to the flying boat in the long river.

It is made into tea, white tea is good enough, but there are still people who take a step for better and for tea.

All the emotions are afraid of the passage of time, so thin that it is impossible to think of it. The more profound the time of white tea, the more mellow it is. The three-year-old white-gold old white tea does not require you to wait for a long time, and every time the moment becomes the best time to recognize and relish.

As long as you think of it, you can only use one of the ready-to-use boiled pots, a simple teacup, a small tea brick, a simple boiled drink, and a time-saving taste in the tea soup. In exchange for a long-lasting body and mind.

And the complicated process that is solved by each trapezoidal brick pushes you to the true meaning of “old white tea, boiled and drunk”. What really attracts you is the fall of your ignorance, one bubble, one float, one sink, one thick and one light, one relax, the white tea is perfect, you are also from the white gold, feel That can’t be said, can’t be square?